18 September, 2007

What a Donkey!

Today was cool from the beginning, all people around, parents walking with their children going to schools, or cars drivers are all happy and no one is shouting, or looks angry; as a miracle all of a sudden happened in Amman, I'm not being ironic or dreaming, this is Amman during the holy month of Ramadan.

So I was happy talking to my coworkers, since I always avoid any kind of communication during the holy month, but all again was exceptional, I might be dreaming was hallucinating, but no I can believe it.

I finished work early, and went home, to have some rest after the long working day in Ramadan, as we only work for 5 hours, and please don't misunderstand me; I'm not being sarcastic at all, as you see everything is exceptional today.

So, I went to my beloved bed and cuddled my cushion, then I gave it good night kiss and was about to get into deep sleeping, everything was quiet, life beautiful, but my mobile suddenly began ringing stupidly, I mean beautifully, I loved it, I wanted to be angry, but no, it was great time for someone to call me, I answered it and 10 seconds later I finished the call, promising that I would call back after I wake up.

I smiled to my cushion again, and winked it, its interesting for people to call you during your sleep, and again I was getting deep into sleeping, when someone was saying:" What a donkey you are!" and: "you are an animal", I asked if he was talking to me, he said:"yes, don't you know yourself", I turned to my right side and tried to sleep, but again the voice repeated what he began, but loudly this time.

I turned to my left side and looked around, nobody was there, he said again: "you, wake up, I'm talking to you, you donkey" and:" don't you get it," I said stupidly: "no! What do you want?" I asked, I turned to the right side, and then left and so on, but I couldn't get ride of that person, all was perfect day, I thought, was I dreaming again, I really wanted to wake up from that beautiful dream , I couldn't keep sleeping with that voice.

Gradually, I began to wake up, the voice inside was lower the more I realize that I was sleeping, but suddenly the voice came back again so loud this time, I closed my ears, to discover that our neighbor was teaching her son, and shouting at him "What a donkey you are!" and "You’re an animal".

I became happy for a moment, then I was angry, annoyed, and irritated again, I believed her that I was a donkey, how about her son, what does he think now? Does he think that he is smart Donkey? Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not being ironic, its just today was perfect.

Confession: no one can deny that our neighbor's son is stupid, but was she doing the right thing, reminding him of his stupidity? Any suggestions?

The moral of the story, is don't believe anyone who tells you are a donkey.

Sweet dreams

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