28 February, 2005

The Stick

It was a peaceful night, quietness all around, you can hear your own breathing in that mysterious silence, a romantic clear sky like a ceiling you can touch, and a full smiley moon who whispers one of his poems in his lover's ears.

Although it was still winter, that night was exceptional, you would feel that winter had left in his constant traveling way, as usual I was out with a friend talking about, as we always think, important matters, we consider ourselves intellectuals, but that night wasn't for such discussions, it was different, It was as if some divinely power had created that special night for some reason.

Being late we had to go home, it was 12:00 midnight, we hurried on our way home, remembering Cinderella losing one of her glass shoes, I kept looking at my shoes until I was home safe, sadly looking forward for the next working day.

It was late for doing anything, but to sleep, I went to bed with that nagging idea on the back of my mind reminding me of the next working day, and getting up early, and routinely as usual.

At last, I went into a deep sleep with the idea of getting early in the morning, the bed was warm, there were all sorts of beautiful things, butterflies, soft singing voices, heavenly music, I was dreaming when a sudden alarm began to beep, "Beep, Beep, Beep" in a constant disturbing sound, it was like a far away shouting of a person, but when I was half awake, I found that it was my alarm clock beeping, I firmly switched it off and went on with my beautiful dream, at that moment I was in a middle of an evergreen forest, with the sun rays between the trees in a majestic scene I would never forget all my life, when something struck me from behind, it was hurting, when I turned back I found an old man with a white beard holding a stick in his hand, and threatening to beat again, frightened I woke up putting my hand on the hurting spot of my back.

Lessons learned:

  1. Wake up on time or you will be struck by a stick.
  2. Even if you are happy don't let anything has control over you, as there is always an old man waiting for you.
  3. Be proactive, be responsible for your own decisions.

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