24 October, 2006

The Grave of the Fireflies

Have you ever seen a firefly? They are really amazing little creatures, which illuminate summer nights, you see them clearly when the moon is absent from the clear summer sky, the first time I saw them I thought I was hallucinating, I tried to touch one of them, when it flew, then I realized that its something alive, then I thought its something from heaven, silly, huh? Well, I don't think so, because I'm a dreamy person, and I will never give up that beautiful habit.

A Japanese movie got my attention The Grave of the Fireflies, so I decided to watch it, when I finished watching it I discovered that my mother was angry at me, when I asked her what the reason was, she said that she was calling for me to do something, while I never heard her calling, she said I was deaf, of course I'm not, what happened is I was completely consumed in watching that great movie.

It's about a boy and his little daughter who live during the World War II, a very simple story of the human sufferings during war time, but at the same time rich in details, and those details are in my opinion what make the movie worth watching, though if you are not in a good mood, I don't recommend watching it, because its a little bit kind of a movie which makes you sad, because when you see this movie you will be up to many scenes of how people might live during a war time.

This movie for those that a pro-war again any other nation, will make them rethink the idea, the more I know the more I feel stupid, the more I know the more I thank God that I always keep the door open to learn new things, whether that was from a movie, a talk or reading a good book.

Please for give me for the scattered ideas of this post.


bakkouz said...

Well, this is off the subject, but, Happy and blessed Eid and many happy returns of the day inshalla :)

Ziad D. said...

Forgive me for suggesting one minor correction to your post: The young girl in the movie happens to be the sister (not daughter) of the main character. I am a huge fan of the movie as it is one of my favorite movies produced by Studio Ghibli (Hayao Miyazaki's studio, the same guy who directed Adnan wa Lina and many many masterpieces). :)
If you are interested in receiving the completely heart-breaking song at the point that he cremates his little sister please let me know, is it a very powerful piece. I would be happy in sharing it with you.

the caller said...

Asalam 3alaykom,
keefak eyad..long time no see..
missed u:)
well..i like the fact that dreams don't intemedate u like they do to most men..it's a blessing..
And details are the fine lines that make the monalisa that great a portrait..
I'm a kind of person who sees details in everything..detailed movies maybe borring to some..but it's great to live another story on the screen..
glad u enjoyed the film..
thank u

eyad said...

Thanks for everyone who visits my blog:
Bakhouz:O inta b khair o se77a,thanks my friend.
Ziad:i'm glad I found someone who is a fan of the movie, and its my pleasure if we can talk and be friends too, you can send me an email.
the Caller: you are always welcome here, your visits and comments make feel better,thanks sister, you are a true friend as well.