31 August, 2008

Success is a Mental process Not a reaction

Today, I'm not going to write anything new, I just want share with you an excellent post on (Arabic written) Shabayek blog, its a daily ritual to visit this blog, it inspires and reminds you that you can be better, and make you look forward for a better life.
اليوم لأ أظنني قادرا على الكتابة بعد ما قرأت في مدونة شبايك، لكل باحث عن الأمل في تغيير إيجابي أدعو لزيارة هذه المدونة بشكل دوري، التزود بالغذاء الفكري المفيد، جزى الله صاحبها خيرا و قدرنا على المضي على دربه

الرابط لمقالة اليوم هو
الرابط للمدونة هو

Start now, its now , if you can't spell it its N O W, which means be responsible for you life, now, today, this very moment, the future begins now, and tomorrow is the fruit of today.

the above mentioned post is about the inspirational book by renowned author Andy Andrews
link to book


kinzi said...

Hi Eyad!! Good to see you continuing with instructional and encouraging posts like this. :)

eyad said...

Kinzi: its been long time :)
but here I'm again ;)
hope you are doing fine,

mab3oos said...

Ramadan Kareem!

p.s. If you are not Muslim, happy September!

Fawazeer @ mab3oos

Baha'i Family - اسرة بهائية said...

your blog is nice