07 February, 2006

NO more NOs!!

Written by: Afnan Al-Awamleh
Our first contributor blogger

No way…
No I can’t do it…
I don’t think that I can…

Why don’t you just try it? And if you failed, at least you'll have the honor of trying it. You’ll exceed the line of ignorance, and you'll say yes, I know it! or at least I know something about it, I went through it, learned it's rules, saw it's features….maybe you wont reach the right end or you know what ?! Maybe you will!!!

Am not going to talk about bees and how these small weak creatures make the sweetest, healthiest semi liquid food, which if you thought about it’s size-wise you'd shout loudly : NO !! Of course it can't make honey. Come on, I can crash it by my shoe!! But guess what, it does make it and you large human being can not!!

Some would say now, it's a physiological ability in its body that enables it to do so. You’re right, but we (humans) have even much more power & brain to do miracles!
God honored us by preferring humans on all creatures and made us on top of everything on earth, on top of bees and other much more complicated powerful examples around us.
We just only need to break the complex of (I can’t)

And am not going to talk about how water droplets drill the stone even after hundreds of years!! The result is proudly it did so!! It finally did it.

Am just going to suggest you a game, a challenging one to play:
Choose a thing that you hate to do, or something hard to be done –watch out : I said hard thing not impossible as for being beginners we will start with hard and next steps we'll challenge the impossible – anyways –back to our play, so something you hate or hard to do or totally new thing that you're sure you cant do, for you didn’t experience it before, and make a promise to yourself that you'll do your best to make it right as much as you can, no matter what the result will be, you want to make it just for adventure, challenging or maybe to break routine, for any reason, just do it and see the amazing result, a new taste, feel it and please tell us about it, we'll be glad to share.

If I believe in ( change ), I'll move a head to the thing I wish to do or wish to be, and if I just let things around me decide my way of living, my present as well my future, then am just a stone on the river's way, wherever flowing currents carries me I go…
Do you think you'd like yourself that way? Would you respect it? Respect your mind???

Once I read a story about a small elephant who was captured from his homeland, natural forests and brought to the zoo. he was wedged by a heavy ring around his leg and fixed in one of that big zoo's corners, at first he resisted and fought to break that ring to get his freedom back, he tried once and twice, again and again, everyday for a long time, he bled many times, he got exhausted and finally he gave up, And accepted the fact that he wouldn’t be out again ever..
he grew up calmly and with time the ring became too small and stretching tight on his leg, so the owner replaced it with wider lighter and weaker one, knowing that he surrendered and wouldn’t even think of fighting again, although the ring was too weak and could be easily broken, the owner was right, our big elephant didn’t even bother to check his abilities after he grew up and became a huge strong powerful elephant, he lived there till he died with the memory of freedom which was two steps a way from him if he would have exerted some effort.

Revolutions started with an idea, with an aim, with the willing of changing the present.

If you think you're pushing a wall, then maybe you're right saying that it would never move!! that you'll never win breaking it or passing through it and that you're efforts are being consumed…..well, just try to change your direction away from that wall and look for light somewhere else even if you don’t expect to find yourself there, I tried it myself,

find your way, your way.


sarah said...

oh my god,
ammazing..eyad, u know we can always try things that are new to us,though they r hard,but sometimes we learn and u know what even get very well in them..
about the elephent,remember he gave up,but thinking deep inside,if he made it and ran away,would he survive,in an atmosphere that is so different of his old home.. well i don't think so..
take care

sarah said...

and well if people keep on saying i can't do it,they would never get to do it,not 'cause they can't.. but because they actually made themselves believe they can't, so always say i'll try,and try it..maybe u'll do it.. :)