12 February, 2006

Snow and learning Engleezy (English)

We didn't know it was snowing over the night; Amman was a bride in her white gown, the dawn announced what we had discovered later, my mother came to wake us up, "mother! Go away its still early" we resisted, "there is no school today, snow is all over Amm…" we didn't let mom to continue what she was trying to say, we jumped out of our beds, and ran to the windows, "wow! No school today" the celebration was declared, jumping and singing, every thing was covered with thick layer of snow, all trees were hiding behind their white masks, birds flying feverishly without knowing where to stand, and the backyard was inviting us to come and play.

After eating our breakfast "zait o za3tar and tea", we couldn't hold ourselves more, my sisters began to put on their warm clothes, and looking for their colored wool gloves, but there was a problem, my youngest sister was scared to go out, it was the first time she saw something like that, and was still trying to figure out what that thing was, looking at each one of us from time to time, as if she was asking "what the hell is this?" Nobody answered, she began her first step, when her foot touched the snow she began crying "I can't stand up, there is no earth there" with her childish language she was trying to explain.

My sisters were urging me to hurry up, I was still half the way preparing myself, when they declared their plan, they teamed up against me, it was unfair, three against one, of course if we exclude my youngest sister, they became two against one, but my sisters didn't know that a problem had turned to be real, while I was putting on my clothes my eyes fell on an English anthology book, which I used as extra reading to improve my English, " I have to improve my English, I can't play now" I thought, "come on brother!" my sisters insisted, "but I'm not supposed to waste time, I have to be determined!" I contemplated, "what about your dreams?!" silently I asked myself, so I decided to study instead of going out and playing with my sisters, they were almost in tears, "please come on join us, please!" they pleaded, I cruelly refused their plea, then I opened the English book, and started reading the first lesson titled "Friend of The Poor" by Charles Dickens, I was using my favorite English dictionary "Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary" when I learned for the first time that "the poor" meant "poor people" not only a poor person, it was actually a new lesson, and since that moment I began to respect Charles Dickens and his stories were my favorite, he became my friend, in the middle of my reading my youngest sister came to me, asking me to join her, excited she could take her first steps on snow, "come on, I want to show you how I walk on snow" she whispered to me smilingly, "but I can't sister, I have a dream" I wanted to tell her, "ok, I will follow you in a minute" I told her, which I didn't do, she returned after a while in tears, crying, it was a kind of a protest that I broke my promise.

I had to learn English, I was in a public school, as many know that public schools aren't good at teaching English, in my 10th grade there was less than two years before I become a Tawjihi student, I am the eldest, and the only son of my family, I had no choice but to study, studying in a university was my dream, that was 12 years ago, now I regret my refusal to join my youngest sister playing in snow, I could easily played for an hour or more, then return to studying again, determination to achieve goals doesn't contradict with taking a rest from time to time, now after 12 years, I discovered that I can't go back and play with my youngest sister, but I can learn English all the time, don't be foolish, and please be a wise proactive person, proactivity alone sometimes doesn’t work.


Hamada said...

I have learned in my postgraduate studying a term called the "tunnel vision" whish means when you concentrate on the coming light from the end of the tunnel and forget the a rounding world.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the reminder that we should never tire of doing good. I'm glad I found your blog. I enjoy your writing style and your positive attitude.

sarah said...

u could have had a good time too,playin for a while,see the smile on your sister's face,but well,after all u learned,and u write in a very good way..
my dear,u should always know,that u can't stop the world to achieve yor goal,as long as u want it,am sure u'll get it.. am proud of the way u achieved ur goal..
take care