05 July, 2006


A poem I wrote, and like to share it with all of you, please enjoy it.


هل تعرفُ أنّي موجودٌ؟
كمْ كنتُ وحيداً حينَ مَرْرْتِ
و تمنيتْ
لو كانتْ ُوجهَتها نحوي
لو كنتُ المرفأ
لو كانتْ تعرفُ أنّي موجودٌ منذ اليوم ِالأول ِ منْ َموْلدِها
قدْ كانتْ قبلَ ولادتِها، لكني لمْ أوجْد أبدًا قبلَ ولادتِها

هلْ تعرفُ أني موجودٌ؟
هيَ تلغيني حينَ تكونُ، و حينًا آخرَ توجدُني
لا أعرفُ معنًا،
المعنى في سِر وجودي حينَ تكونْ

فحينَ تكونُ أكون مضيئا مثلَ الشمسْ
هي تبعَثني مِنْ عتمةِ ليلي كُلَ صَباح

لو كنتُ القاربَ و المجدافْ، أو كنتُ حقيبتها
هلْ تعرفُ أني مَوجودٌ؟
هل تعرفُ أن تواريخي قد صارتْ حينَ تجيءُ و حينَ تروحْ

هلْ تعرفُ أني موجودٌ؟
هيَ تعرفُ شيئا لا أعرفهُ
أني دُميتها
كانتْ تلهوْ بي يومًا مثلَ الطفلةِ
تعبثُ بي، لا تأبهُ ليْ
لكنّ التجديدَ هوايتها، أو غايتها
قدْ تركتني حينَ أحَبتْ دُميتها الأخرى
دُميتها الأثمنْ، دُميتها الأزهى

هلْ تذكرُ أنّي موجودٌ؟
لوْ تذكرُ أنّي كنتُ قديمًا دميتها الأحلى
لكنّي كنتُ نسيتُ الدمية قبلي
فلقدْ كانتْ دميتها قبلي، لكنْ كانتْ قدْ نسيتها
كانتْ لا تعرفُ إلايْ
و كنتُ نسيتُ أنا أنّي قد جئتُ بديلا
كنتُ نسيتُ بأنّي قدْ أترَكُ يومًا فوقَ المَقعَدِ وحْدي
لأراقبَ دُميتها الأجدَدَ
لمْ أعرفْ انّ التاريخَ بقسْوَتهِ
أو أنّ التاريخَ لهُ دوْرتهُ

وأنا في المقعَدِ مُنتظرٌ، يومًا قدْ تعرفُ أنّي موجودْ


hamede said...

V good.

neverland said...

I liked the hidden part of it!

eyad said...

Hamede: you are nice, thank u for ur comment, and thank u for reading the poem, i really appreciat that.

Neverland: its been a decade since we heard from you ;)whats the matter? glad u liked the poem, or at least the hidden part of it :)
thank u thank uuuuuuuu,
i visit ur nice blog from time to time.

hind said...

Nice and Romantic,,,very pure
thank u, I enjoy reading it Eyad

eyad said...

Hind: thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate your visit here.

the caller said...

asalam 3alaykom,
i like the poem..thank you for sharing..
i just have something to say..
there's a shade of defeatness that scares me..why??
cause it must be agonizing!

eyad said...

The Caller:you are welcome here again,I didn't to see you again at my blog, thank you, as for the meaning of the poem, its a poem,and might have a trace of something inside, i really don't know.

Neverland said...

Dear Eyad,
Hey :D

I visit your blog always, not from time to time :) ;)

But hey, I was right when I said there is a hidden part, right?

eyad said...

NeverLand: I haven't heard from you since ages :) so I thought you don't visit my blog anymore :( i'm kidding,
from time to time, means every two days,I can't live without the NeverLand or Alice,right?

as for the hidden part, what do you mean by that? ;) I don't understand,lol, to be honest its mere an imagination,:)wish there is a hidden part.
Thanks for visiting my blog again :D

Abu Shreek said...

Good effort Eyad,
but I was wondering if these verses follow at least a (taf3eeleh).becuase you know, in order to write arabic "free" poetry, it still have to follow a unit "taf3eeleh" even if it did not have a "ba7ar", especially that the rhythm is almost absent.

isn't this the theme from Disney's "Toy Story" anyway :)

eyad said...

Abu shreek: wallah you are welcome 3an jad hall marrah :)
i really don't follow taf3eeleh, i'm following a little sense of music,and my feelings, thats all,thanks for the information, i really appreciat that.

blackr0se said...

Eyad ...
very nice ,really i like it
thanks again

eyad said...

blackr0se: thank you dear,i'm really happy you dropped by,I really appreciat that.