08 July, 2006

The Three Most Important Things

One of my friends while he was talking to a number of beautiful Jordanian girls, no need to say that as all Jordanian girls are beautiful, proud of himself, then he asked them "Do you know what my three most important things I like in life?" he was laughing, they tried their chance with him, but they didn't guess, so he told them not to be sad, and that he would tell them, so he told them, my three most important things prioritized are:
  1. Women.
  2. Women.
  3. And women.

They couldn’t stop laughing, so we all knew that women are all his life, and I think that each and every one of us has his/her three, four or whatever most important things in life.

As for me honestly guys, my most important three things in my life are:

  1. Watermelon.
  2. Watermelon.
  3. Watermelon.
  4. And watermelon.

Did I say three most? Oops! I meant four most important things, so can you tell me about your most three or four important things in life, hope you add them in the comments area, if you see it as a bad joke, you can add you one most important thing.

Enjoy your time


Betqa said...

1. coffee
2. coffee
3. coffee
(ad nauseum)

eyad said...

Thanks for sharing with us you most important things,and for your visit too.

Opairah said...


I leave them empty for "Wastaat" :p

eyad said...

Thanks Opairah, empty is better I think,although the implied meaning ;)

O said...

1. L'pool
2. L'pool
3. L'pool

eyad said...

O: thanks, you are a new blogger I think, you are welcome, i just visited your blog, you are welcome here.