23 November, 2007

Between Sydney and Petra or "Love in wrikles age"

He was sitting in his wheel chair, while she was sitting next to him, they were both in their seventh decade, and were enjoying the sea near Opera House (Sydney).

I was walking near by when I saw them, I went directly to them, and told them how happy they made me, for a moment they looked at me surprised, they seemed thinking where the hell I came from, and what I wanted, especially they didn't know me, and I didn't know them.

I told them, how happy I feel when I see old married couples, but they seemed as if they were taking that for granted after being married for many years, they didn't know that they were blessed they are still married even in their old age, they seemed they forgot that nowadays couples don't stay married for long, or that divorce became the norm.

Then, the woman told me how they visited Petra with her husband even when her husband couldn't walk; they thanked me for reminding them of what they forgot, they thanked me for reminding them of the beautiful love in the wrinkles age.

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