03 November, 2007

Yes, You can Fly

He was giving a lecture to a bunch of students, when one of them told him that he asks them too much for their homework, and that if he still remembers when he was a student he wouldn't ask them for that homework.

His eyes fell to the ground, and he smiled, he looked around, and told them do you see this place, students thought he went nuts,

He raised his voice, and then realized how young those students were, he began telling his story:

"Once upon a time, I was a fresh student" he said, "studying in this university" he continued.

And stopped talking, all students were looking at him, expecting him to continue, "I was caught with some students for a political reason" he said in low voice, "and then?" students asked.

"I spent 20 years in prison" he paused, students thought he was joking, but seems he was serious about it, because he told them that they could make sure of his story, he told them that he spent 20 years in prison, and it was better to stay there, rather to get freedom and start from no where.

"I decided that I want to continue my education, I got Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate" he told them, but now with a smile on his face, "I can't believe I could do that" he laughed, "just one thing proves it, I'm standing in front of you and giving you lectures" he was really happy, and they all smiled, and forgot about the difficult homework, "don't say you can't achieve anything, because you don't really know how strong you are" he told them, they believed him, because he wasn't just telling them about someone they should follow his example, he was telling them about himself who was real in front of their eyes, he was so real, that they can't but believe.

Some of you might think that this is only fiction, but believe it or not, a friend of one of those students told me the story, and told me he is a famous professor in a very famous university.

Don't wait to find yourself in a situation to prove that you can do something great, enjoy being healthy, and having much time to achieve your goals, or do something you will be proud of .

Can you? I'm sure you can, yes we can, lets fly before we lose feather, lets enjoy fresh air above, before a hunter shoots us.


Nizar said...

Wise words!

Time to do my physics labreport :D

Ahmad said...

i remeber you , when u were telling me this story , ..

what a man ... we should really respect him ..

such story deserve to tell ...
thanx EYAD .

eyad said...

Nizar: ya busy man :) thnx for the visit.
Ahmad: yes, i remember that i told u that story, how r u man?

Khawaja M. said...

Wow... impressive Eyad :) I really liked your style of writing ..

you remind me of the famous kids show entitled: "you can do it".. each episode have inspired me to open up my mind and think outside the box.

I hope we can instill the "I can" culture into our sons & daughter.. I hope we will.

7ala said...

Ya 3ainy 3alek ya Eyad!

I can never say it better!

thecaller said...

Lets fly before we loose feather...I loved that.
Thanks for the inspiration and the great push.
Have a nice day :)