09 April, 2006

The Kid with a Beard

I gave him 10 piasters (it’s a Jordanian currency which is still used, and is 1/7 US dollar), momentarily he was picking four packs of gum (sha'rawi gum), I took two of them, and I touched his hand as a sign that I only wanted two packs, unexpectedly he put his hand in his pocket and handed me a 5 piasters, I kindly refused, but he insisted on me to take the money or to take the four packs, his eyes were so convincing, he talked a language like in alien movies, but I got the message, he moved on to the next person in line, where we were waiting for the bus, it was always the same faces and the same guy who sold gums, and religious booklets, in Raghadan ( the main public transportation station in Amman).

That young guy usually goes to Raghadan on foot, because no public transportation car or bus driver (in Jordan called service cars) accepts to take him to Raghadan, only one old good-hearted driver offers him a drive, who delightfully meets him with a smile on his face, "hey, how are doing?" the driver begins, "come on in" he continues, " good morning, Ammi (a word used to call old men) Abu-Moh'd" the young man says, and as usual the kind driver Abu-Moh'd takes him to Raghadan, to begin his working day.

I don't know much about that young man, but I still remember that accident, which I witnessed myself, it was 15 years ago, I went to the mosque to the Magrib prayers (Sunset prayers), he was still a little kid then, he wanted to go in and pray but the man who was responsible for cleaning the mosque prevented him from going in, because the kid at that time was unable to control his body, he always had his saliva out of his mouth, he even couldn't walk properly, he limped like an injured soldier, some kind prayers tried to help the kid come in and pray, but the man who was responsible for cleaning always refused, so the kid sadly had to pray in the place where we used to put our shoes, believe it or not, he always prayed there, I was afraid he would hate religion, or give up on going to the mosque, but that didn't happen, he kept going there, and now he prays with others, not in the shoes place anymore.

That same guy now sells gum, or religious booklets for living, he is really a decent young man, who teaches us all a lesson of how achieving one's goals is a matter of a personal decision, its just to tell yourself "I want to be something" and to work on achieving that goal.


Luai said...

Very touching story. My how these "moments" seem to stay with us forever.

hamada said...

you know eyad
While I was reading your last post, one of my users came to me and said goodbye Mr. Hamada I am finally had my ticket to Dubai for working there. While she was explaining how, I was remembering the old times when she was coming to the library and telling me in tears how is tough to be citizen of Gaza and live in Jordan, so I used to telling here when you finish your studying you will see how things would be, but, you have to be more patient and now, this is the result not only for her but for all patient people.

Thank you for this post.