01 April, 2006

She worships him

There is always something that surprises me, even when I don't expect that to happen, today I will talk about something that keeps me wondering, at the same time I'm sure that most of you have heard of such stories, or experienced it yourselves.

Today I was watching American TV show, the host was asking a young woman about the reason she came to the show, and what she intended to say, the young woman was in tears, trying to collect her mind, to be able to tell her story, it took her a while to start telling her story, she said that she was beaten up by her boyfriend severely, she was describing the agony that engulfed her at that moment, the host interrupted her asking if she was there to tell her sad story, or if there was another reason, at that moment the young woman was trembling, as she was trying to reveal a secret, she said that she came the show to confess that it was her fault her boyfriend was beating her up, as she was who initiated the fights with him, because he was cheating on her, in her opinion she was supposed to be beaten up, she saw him as the victim, he was the prey and she was the predator, she wanted to make her apology to him for blaming him on their relationship failure, implying she should have accepted his cheating on her.

What on earth make that young woman say that! Or believe that her boyfriend was a victim, it isn't the first time I see such a young woman who blames herself for breaking up with her boyfriend or husband, I always wonder why all those women feel guilty after that bad treatment, sometimes we see that even the well educated women behave the same as the most ignorant girls, I can't get it!, what makes a woman to accept the humiliation?! And blame her self for trying to defend her self, are women nuts? Or good-hearted creatures that can't hate? And are men aware of that? And that is why they take advantage of women, or are they just heartless monsters? I want to say here that I'm not generalizing; I'm talking of those who accept to be treated badly, or those who enjoy treating others badly.

Is it a global problem? What makes that happen in US? I still don’t find the answer.


rami said...

one word: love. it is beyond norms.

Anonymous said...

abused people have low self esteem. :(

hamede said...

Top majority of young people in the us are not very smart.

rania said...

hamede it has nothing to do with being smart... its how you are raised partially, and like said before, low self-esteem.
fel mujtama3 el-3arabi, if a wife is beaten by her jusband, she is better off keeping it to herslef, because if she seeks help from her parents, they'll tell her "testahali"- you deserve it, akked 3amalti shee '3alat (because 3arab expect women to worship men). if she goes to court, society and people will say its her fault and maybe he caught her doing something wrong (and u know how sick minded pple can be).
my point is, don't geberalize and assume this only happens in the state, the only difference is that pple in US have the guts to go out and talk about it, but in 3arabi society they hide it under the carpet(we have to maintain our perfect image after all)...
rami, if you call this love, i'de rather never experience it ever again!

Hind said...

Very interesting Iyad, this problem appears clearly in The US...not all women are like this and not all men either>>> There are many types of women's abuse, as well>>>
But if we fellow our religion teaching, there won't be such a problem>>
Finally i think poverty and illetracy are the main reasons for women's abuse>>
Thank you Iyad and keep going

majeda said...

hi eyad...i think you know that women r neither nuts nor kind-hearted... but they have a long term patience...and on th right time..they pay back severly... so watch out

M!R@CHK@ said...

Well sometimes if the woman thinks she didnt do her part fully the man would go find it somewhere else. For example once i was watching a movie i forgot the name of it but the main thing is when the wife didnt take much care of herself and the way she look and the husband wanted more sex and she didnt do it so he started to fool around with her friend.
In this case the woman is to be blamed but this is not always the case other times she do her part fully but the man cant stop cheating coz its his nature .