27 April, 2006

Three Doctors and a Secretary

If you ask any kid in Jordan, what do you want to be in the future? The answer without thinking would be "I want to be a Doctor" but when you ask again "why?" the answer would be" to cure people!!" where the hell do they get that answer from?! Kids don't know what they really want to be in the future, but as their parents keep talking about being rich, and one way to achieve that is to be a Doctor, they catch the idea, and that’s how they become obsessed with the idea.

I hear people from time to time say; I wish I didn't study Computer Engineering or a nurse, etc., being a Doctor is better, implying "richer", I can picture Jordan full with Doctors, no engineers, managers, nurses, and doctors will become jobless, because there won't be patients, all people are doctors, I'm being sarcastic.

The reason I'm writing about this is the sad reality, that many doctors are more merchants than doctors; today I was visiting a doctor, I was early and he was late as usual, I had to wait for him almost for 2 hours, in that tiny room, which serves as a waiting place for three doctors, who share an old building, there was one secretary for all those three doctors, there was a talkative patient who initiated a talk with the secretary, so she began talking, about working there for the doctors, and how nice they are, they are all famous, kind, and humble doctors she said, we all were listening eagerly, until that man asked her " how much do those nice doctors give you?" She said, each one of them gives her JDs 35, so her salary is JD 100, she continued there were two additional doctors who gave her JD 35, but after they left the money left too, she continued that her salary is much better compared to one of her friends, who helps the doctor giving shots, and other things, and her salary is JD 70, one of those doctors was talking to someone on the phone trying to describe his big project in Aqaba, and about the profitability of that project!!!!! I thought for a minute that I was listening to a businessman.

again I'm not generalizing here, I know that there are good doctors, those who refuse to be inhumane, who care about their patients more than the care about money, but here I'm talking about those who love money more than anything, you can love money but in medicine its dangerous, they should take care of their patients and money would come too.

All the mentioned above doctors, are specialized doctors, and they take JD 10 as a fee, they all have many patients, they work at many hospitals, and because they good-hearted they give that poor secretary only JD 35 each, because they don't want her to get spoiled by that money, they believe that money is dirt, they think she doesn't know how money can affect her badly, or change her to a bad person as they are, I thought.

Our beloved children if you want to be doctors in the future please don't forget how to be humans too.


Lina said...

(johneywarner23784627) What Sh*t youre writing about? I think youre advertising your idiotic services on the wrong site.. Perhaps a degree would do you well! You call that number brother..

Over to the topic.
Doctors in the Middle East are becoming some sort of businessmen. I agree, however, I do not think they earn so well (not meaning to be sarcastic) My family have been friends with many doctor familis that are living -average- or even less then so. Nturally this needn't apply on all. Yet, it implies that doctors not necessarily equals Rich.
Regarding the children's ambition of becoming doctors.I would think it is the personal dimension of the role, taking care of someone. Also, playing with different equipment, i,e: listening to heart beats, and the authority it seemed to give. I myself wanted to be a doctor one day, just coz of all the (WOW) and cool stuff that doctors used..Luckily I changed whilst growing up and will graduate w Honours in Business this summer
xxx Cheers

Anonymous said...

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