29 May, 2006

I don't think Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise stepping out of his car, on the red carpet, walking arrogantly, as he finished acting in the "Mission Impossible III" confidant, moving to the other side of his car, opening the door, but, it didn't open, "What's wrong?" he says to himself, "what a bad time" till finally it opens, I kept laughing until my eyes got drowned in tears, it was ironic. click here to see the clip

Anyway, I began thinking about "Impossible" word, who created that word? And did he/she create that word, because it was only impossible in his mind, not in reality? Or are there really impossible things? I think it’s a combination of both, I believe that there are (impossible) things, that can't be achieved, or reached, but what is confusing about this belief, is that I always get surprised to see people that could do those things that I believed were (impossible) , so I found that many of the things we think are (impossible) are really possible, for example I think that eating glass, or walking on fire, is impossible, but I saw many who do it, either on TV, or read such stories about those people, but I think that these are bad examples, because they are controversial, and we can't all agree that they are true ,and real, so instead I like just to remind you that we all knew about many who succeeded in what they or other thought (impossible) situations, diseases, or disabilities, what I imply here is that I believe that there are many impossible things, but on the other hand they are less than what we think they are.

It becomes obvious now that the word (impossible) many times doesn't really describe impossible things, but it's a mere imagination, they are possible but those people don't see it that way, so there are many who create their own impossibilities, and stick to it, until it becomes (impossible), and they become blinded by that belief, held back by that fake disability.

How can we decide that something is (impossible)? And how can we make sure it's (impossible)? In my opinion, it's hard to know for sure what is possible or impossible, but for sure, there are many ways we can improve the way we look at things, and make sure its not our weaknesses, or lack of confidence, that makes us believe that certain things are (impossible), if we see many people disagree with us about something, as they see it possible but we don't, then I think we should reconsider what we think (impossible), its most probably that the problem is in inside, it’s a self-esteem problem.

I believe that almost all the time the difference between (impossible) and (possible), is how we look at it, so the (impossible) becomes (possible) and the (possible) becomes (impossible) depending on what I like to call (the software of the brain), the way we think, we look at things, and how much we have self-esteem.


aya said...

yeah its all a state of mind...

Afnan said...

great post
I totally agree
and sometimes,certain things that we consider it as IMPOSSIBLE,especially when it is first mentioned,may turn to be acceptable the second time or so then over again it may become possible after we process it in our minds or lets say after it knocked our brain's door several times.
that is the case of turning IMpossible to possible in a positive way,but we also the other side,the negative one,which is the abandonment path,especially in morals...

thanx again for ur nice article

Majeda said...

you are absolutely right... considering thing as possible or impossible differs according to situation and the person himself...More i thnk there are just three impossibles :ghoul, phoenix, and faithful friend