27 May, 2006

To Be, or Not To Be!

The same question, asked over and over millions of times, sometimes its not a question, but a mere statement, repeated all the time, to express how much we like to do something, and it goes on, we get older to find that we didn't do what we like to do.

Is it that simple? You might all say now we know that already, what makes that guy (you mean me right?) talk about this? there is a reason for my post today, and even if there is not reason we should give sometime to think about.

I've been to Wadi Rum the last two days, and it was my best two days in my life, but not because of the place where we have been to, or that I saw the prettiest girl ever, although the girls there are prettier than they are in Abdoun, funny isn't it, but again that is not my topic now, we can talk about that later.

I was there sitting next to one of my colleagues at work, watching pretty girls, and handsome guys, dancing, their bodies were moving with music, and songs, they were singing, laughing and sometimes jumping, you could easily see how much they were happy, and how much I was sad, "do you know what the one thing I like to do most?" I asked my colleague, "no idea! Or may be to get married!" He replied carelessly, "to dance" I said, "no way, really?" he asked eagerly, "yes, it’s a dream" I continued with a weak voice, but he didn't say any thing, he just watched the guys dancing.

That kind of conversation was repeated in my life many times, with many guys, about dancing or may be many other things, do you believe it? Do you really believe that there is a guy, who repeats talking about what he wishes to do for years? Yes, please believe me I'm telling you the truth.

Without thinking, or saying anything, I stood up, walked to where the guys were dancing, and began moving my body, I was dancing, may be not dancing, I was really flying, with without wings, I danced and danced, then one of my colleagues carried me over his shoulders and began dancing, that was my day, and to my surprise they all started sing "Happy birthday to you" it was my birthday, and the people around sang with them too, words can't describe what I was experiencing, I was trying to pull the guys who didn't want to dance, or were shy to be there in the dancing spot, why? It's easy, give it a try, I kept telling them.

There was a family who went with us to Wadi Rum with which we made friends; they have a son, and a daughter, I approached their son, who is my friend too, and tried to convince him that he can dance, but he refused, he was shy, I carried him, and put him on the spot but no use, he ran away, Dani was shy, I talked to him, "please do it, its easy, don't let your shyness hold you back" I told him, "you are young now, you will regret it if you don't do it now" I continued, "no! I can't do it" he blushed, I was like Dani, when I was a child I refused to dance, or to do many things, shyness held me back from doing many things, and now after two decades I finally do it.

While I was dancing I saw a face, it wasn't the right place to see that guy, he was my colleague with whom I was talking about dancing, he saw me dancing, he got the courage and wanted to dance too, but he didn't believe to see me dancing as if asking " you have just told me how you wish to dance, and here you are dancing" I danced, till midnight, I finished my first day of my 31 years, it was the first day of real happiness, I was really happy, can't be more happy.

Then I thought about how many people I met, talk about things they wish to do, and the only one reason they don't is something silly and can be done easily, it's only hard on their minds, I thought how we people don't enjoy our lives only because we don't try to do what we like to do, or because we like talking about what we like to do over and over, without moving a foot.

Guys who read this post, and how have dreams, or something you wish to do, go do it, right now, go ahead, nothing can hold you back, live your dreams, but please if anyone wishes to kill himself or any body else don't do it, its better to talk, or dream about than do it.

Move your bodies, clap your hands, let's have a party here, let's celebrate, let's believe we can do many things, we haven't done yet.

-Comments on this post are required, no don't mind, I'm just joking, although I wish you leave your comments here it give me insight, and a feedback whether you agree or disagree with me.


NoBoL said...

I totally agree with you eyad,even if i danced more than you did ;-) but the thing i was happy for is to see you dancing......go ahead eyad and do what ever you want to do......thats what makes u happy and be sure people around are happy for u.

majeda said...

Iyad... when ALLAH created people he created them with different feelings and attitude. .if anybody feels shyness that doesnt mean he is weak... i myself cant stand in front of people... i feel that everybody staring at me.. so my heart starts beating loudly. …but am courageous in many other things..