31 May, 2006

A conversation with a stone

He was waiting for her, time moved slowly, and with heavily steps, he looked at his watch million of times, was staring at the faces of by passers, searching for her face in the crowd, felt tired, but he refused to sit on the bench that was few steps away from him, he began thinking that something wrong might happened to her, she was never late, he began to feel nervous, I can do nothing but to wait for her, he thought, don't worry she will come, he continued thinking.

Two hours and she didn't come, he couldn't walk anymore, and so he headed towards the bench and fell on it as a dead body, he hated waiting, but he had no choice but to wait, she promised she would come, "do something!" he heard a voice, looked around, but no one was there, "do something!" was louder this time, hallucination found its way to his mind, he thought, "go look for her!" the voice ordered him, "but who are you?" he asked, "I'm here, you don't see me?" the voice asked, "no!" he was scared now, "I'm here, next to you!" the voice continued, " are you a genie?" frighteningly he asked, the voice was laughing, he wanted to run away at that moment, but the voice calmed him down, "don't be afraid! I'm the statue" the voice told him, he looked at the statue, he didn't notice it before, and he looked around to see if someone was there, "do you talk?" he asked the statue.

"Who are you?" he asked, "I'm nobody" the statue answered, "but I think I know you" he said, "Do I look like someone you know?" the statue asked, "I think so, your face looks familiar to me" he said, "what about her?" the statue asked, "who is she you are talking about?" he asked, "you know whom I'm talking about" the statue said, " you are waiting for her for months now" the statue said, "how do you know that?" he asked, " I was watching you all the time" the statue answered, "she won't come" the statue continued, " no!, she will, I know she will" he said, the statue was laughing again, "I tell you she won't come" the statue said again, "how do you know" he asked, "my friend, I was someone real like you" the statue told him, "and I was waiting for her for a long time" the statue continued, "waiting for whom?" he asked, "for the girl I love" the statue continued, "I loved her so much" the statue continued, "I waited, and waited, I knew she would come, I believed in her, she is all my life" the statue said, "the moon was full that night when I saw a star, I had a wish, to become a statue, to be able to wait for her all my life" the statue said, "and as you see my wish was answered" the statue sadly said, "but you should be happy you are waiting for her" he said.

He felt the rain on his face, he looked at the sky, it was clear, and he thought it was raining; no clouds were there, he found that the statue was crying, "Do you miss her?" he asked the statue, "no!" the statue answered, "don't wait for her" the statue told him, "but why?" he asked, "because, my friend, one day while it was raining, the girl I loved came, and stood by me, I felt the warmth of her body, she came close to protect herself from the rain" the statue stopped, "the rain stopped, but she didn't leave, until the guy came, the one she loves, they hugged, and went away" the statue said.

"Don't wait for anything for long, move on, make things work for you" the statue said, and never talked again.


khataybeh said...

Brilliant ! Thanks for sharing.

majeda said...

sometimes we dont see the truth around us... we keep ignor and deny it..till somebody els tell us about it... and i think the statue resembles out inner feelings... which mostly we think its fack.. but the time always bring our inner feelings out...