03 June, 2006

Killed his Three Daughters (True Story)

He woke them up early in the morning, hurry up we have a lot of work today, he told them, the three of them wanted to sleep more, one of them told her sisters that she was dreaming of her wedding day, and that it would be soon, they laughed, when their father interrupted them, come on we have work to do.

It was still dark, the sun was beginning to rise shyly, the father was the first, walking quickly, he usually walked slowly, the youngest daughter asked him, father why are you in a hurry today? He didn't answer, until they reached their farm, he told them that they have to dig a big hole to be used as a well, one of them told him that they had one, the father replied that the well would be only used for special events.

They all worked from sun rise, to sun set, for several days, 7 meters deep, their father was happy with them, he told them that many times, his daughters were happy too, it was the first time he asked them a hand.

The day of the party finally came, they couldn't wait more, they finished the work, and now it was celebrating time, the father told them he wanted to hug them, and kiss them, he did it, quickly he stabbed his first daughter in the back, the second, then the third as quickly as he could, cold-bloodedly, he looked at them, his daughter who was first killed had still a smile on her face, the smile was declaring their innocence, he wiped his knife, and threatened his son to tell anyone of his crime.

This crime took place in Irbid, twelve years ago, Jordanian Daily newspaper Al Rai reported.


TH14 said...


Lina said...

Oh My Goodness! This lifts so many questions! What's the reason for this crime? Honour related? And how could the brother just watch and never report his sisters cold slaughter, as soon as he was without his father's supervision!
My, I am shocked,One has to reflect on one's own family and Thank god for it!
This is Horrible news...

Natalia said...

And the IAF wants people like that to get off easy... Man, I hate the IAF.