22 June, 2006

Mind Missed on JP

Mind is missed in the Jordanian BlogSphere (JP) for almost two weeks now, the fellow Jordanian blogger Khalidah (The Queen), wrote a post a couple days ago about the surgery she had last Saturday, and as I began to be active in the blogging domain, after the hibernation period my blog was in for more than a year, I began to feel like we are a big family in the Jordan Planet (JP), to be honest with you, I began to feel worried when a citizen in JP, who is now a member of the family to me, disappear or stop writing for a while, I feel that its my duty to check on him/ her as if he/she is one of my family.

Now we have Mind missing from the JP, although she is still in our hearts, when I used to read her blog everyday, I never thought I would visit her blog to find it as it was two weeks ago, and there is fellow blogger Qwaider whose aunt needs prayers from all of us, lets stop now and pray for both that they will get better soon, and if someone would keep us updated, we really want to be by their side.

I'm sorry if I'm talking on behalf of you as I use the "we" pronoun, but I really felt we are a big family and I can use the "we" instead of I.


Qwaider قويدر said...

I'm deeply moved by your gesture .. Thank you Eyad

kinzi said...

Eyad, my sentiments exactly! I miss Khalidah and wonder where others are after awhile - and pray for them. I've remembered Khalidah and Qwaider in prayer and asked other friends here in the USA to pray for them too. Just love the business of international prayer coverage.

lammoush said...

me too!! i noticed that shes missing!! i hope she gets better soon!! that was sweet of u eyad

7ala said...

You are very nice Eyad.