18 June, 2006

They Pretend They Can Quit it

Holding his cigarette, laughing! Do you really think I can't quit smoking? Continued smoking, and laughing, wishing to tell me how much I missed not smoking.

He claimed that he could quit smoking, and other bad habits he is used to, but I don't know why I'm sure he was pretending he could, I don't know why I saw him cheating to himself; he who claims that he can do something should prove that practically, not just claiming.

I lived all my life challenging myself, and I know how hard it becomes when challenging oneself, e.g. doing the opposite thing you usually do, you say u can quit smoking?, ok try it for one week day and night, if you are addicted to something (you won't admit that its addiction), try to stop that for only a week.

I tried it many times in my life, and still try usually to test my patience, and to know how much I still hold control over myself, sometimes I refuse to take a piece of chocolate if I feel that there is a strong voice that urges me to eat it, I refuse until I make sure that this urge dies down.

I challenge all of you to try it, just for fun if you are not convinced of quitting something, I'm sure I'm 100% right this time, that is very difficult and you can't quit it, so please if you can't, admit it to yourself and others, and stop claiming that you are strong and you can change your bad habits in a blink of an eye.


Mala2e6 said...

quitting smoking is very easy...i did that hundreds of times :D

my problem is that i cannot challenge myself for MYSELF is a really hard stubborn self.
the bad thing about smokers is that they try to show u what u have missed..till they quit and then they start to preach!!

I lately addmited that i cannot quit ray7at rasi sara7a ..i don't like it much,but i cannot quit..not right now.as for other addictions,well,i've got internet addiction and that is even harder to quit,and learning new things addiction..and i enjoy that alot

eyad I applaude ur strong will.keep it up life is full of challenges and lots of addictions :S

3aBBaS said...

WOw Man..o sharafi as if you are reading my mind..i always say i can quit anytime i want, its not addiction..i love to smoke..whenever i decide to quit, i wake up in the morning, have my coffee, look at my cigs and i say, wow.."tell me how am i supposed to live without you?" so then i have my first cig, and say, khalas, only this one..i ride my car, i stop at a traffic light..a guy next to me is smoking, so i light another cig..and there you are, fartat, i smoke again :)

Eft :)

lammoush said...

theres nothing i find more lame than not being able 2 face one's self.

Dave said...

mala2e6, the correct quote is...

"To cease smoking is the easiest thing I ever did. I ought to know because I've done it a thousand times." - Mark Twain