20 June, 2006

Blogging is not talking

Many think that blogging is talking; they like talking, and they keep talking, but I think blogging is a responsibility, and not just for having fun, blogging should play a major role as an alternative media, or will lose battle field with traditional media.

Why many bloggers tend to be funny, or just write about funny topics? Or may they are free to do what they like to do, I don't know, may be I don't have the right to criticize any one, but I like to say that blogging is not talking, and one should walk one's talks, and give a good example, all people eyes are on bloggers.

This is just an opinion, I might be right, or wrong, but I like to take blogging seriously, as I have a mission, and I like people to read about it.

Good luck bloggers


t]-[@er said...

i think blogging is all about talking and it is for having fun. i'm only a reader i don't have a blog for me, and i noticed that most bloggers are searching for something new other than the ordinary and sometimes i feel that they refuse something in their life or the community and run away to their blogs to talk about it and to fill the space it is causing them. and people where ever you put them are searching for acceptance and thats why the post funny stuff on their blog. i also think everybody will be opened about your post because this is what blogging is about to say what you think and it will never be a media thing becaus it is only among you writers and around you. its all about expressing ....

Afnan said...

fun is required,but as a break between seriouse stuff,not the opposite situation !!
u're absolutly right,our nation needs seriousity,we wasted enough time,and more than enough

Abu Shreek said...

Ya zalameh, I think you are mistaken on two issues:
First you announce the death of blogging in a previous post, because there are more bloggers than readers, and this is so wrong. i see blogging reaching its prime these days (a blog is created every two minutes or so). blogs are not an exclusive club, it is a personal space. Does it matter if people are reading or not ? it depends on the blogger. Some people post entries to attract traffic, others just have stuff to say and feel better when they write it, wether it is read or not is irrelevant.

exactly similar to the nature of the blog. Some people wants to be funny and discuss personal issues, others wants to treat their blog as a proper column in a distinguished newspaper. I disagree that blogging is a responsibility. It is not, and that is what is so great about it. It is your venue and nobody can set the rules for it.
Now it goes back to the reader and what he prefers....