10 June, 2006

To Immigrate or Not to Immigrate

I always wanted to write about this topic, and I haven't really given it a serious thinking until now. Recently, I have met many who dream to leave the country for another western country, which includes the US, Canada and Australia, some of them took the first step, and the others don't find alternatives but to do the same.

Leaving ones country for another with the intent to stay in the later permanently, or for a long time, whether seeking a better life, or forced to leave his home country because of wars, bad economy, or political reasons, is a kind of immigration.

Faced by this question myself, I find myself looking for an answer for what they call the brain drain, meaning qualified people immigrants leaving their home countries. It became obvious to me that this turns to be a very dangerous phenomenon.

Let me now begin by asking these questions, what if most of the qualified people in Jordan immigrate? Is it the responsibility of those qualified people to stay and make the required change to make our country a better place? Do they have the right just to leave and seek a better life somewhere else, as they are humans, and want to live? Or will they leave for sometime and return back after years? This way they can achieve their dreams, and come back to do what they had to do, I'm not going to answer these questions; they are here to make us think. I even don't know if I can say that immigration is wrong or right, because there are many individuals who have their own reasons for leaving, some of them definitely are convincing which make them right, but when it becomes on the country level, like when most of the youth in this country want to leave, we can be sure that the immigration is absolutely wrong, and bad, and should do something to stop.

One common thing which I found is what made those who want to leave think of immigration as a solution to their problems, they all believe its easier to begin somewhere else in another country than here, most of them think its heaven there ,but not in this country, neither in any other Arab country, opportunities are abundant, and life is easier, some of them even think that they can find money on the streets, and finally I found that most of those people are lazy, and they don't believe that they are part of our communities problems, they just keep complaining, as their problems are their governments' responsibility, even if its their stupidity, or laziness, and see that they has nothing to do with what is going wrong around, they are only victims, the only hope is leaving for heaven, which is any developed country.

What about forgetting a little about living a better life somewhere else, and thinking of living a simpler life here in the meanwhile in order to be able to build a better place here, and sacrifice a little of our lives for the next generations, what makes me say this is that I see that all who immigrate never return back, or at least few of them do, and the remaining will be lost for ever there, and immigration becomes a benefit for the immigrant, but not for his/her home country.

Will it make us proud if we tell our children that we lift our home country to make a better life for them? Or to tell them that we preferred to stick here, and dig our roots deep in our beloved country and live a simpler life, instead of leaving and living much better?

I'm sure that many will get angry at me, and some others will agree, but at the end, I'm just thinking, asking questions, and trying to answer them, one think that I'm sure of is that I love my country, and I want to serve it the best way, even if it means I have to sacrifice some of my precious life, I'm proud of being someone who tries to build something out of nothing, better than harvesting others efforts, and running away from taking responsibility to make our home countries a better place, even if it will cost us our lives.


Amin Matalqa said...

And just the same, the home country needs to make it appealing for those who emmigrate to come back or contribute. When I left Jordan, there was never even a thought that there would one day be a system for filmmaking, but over the last two years, with the introduction of the Royal Film Commission, King Abdullah made a statement that the country is willing to take the arts seriously. So it's become appealing for me to make a movie in Jordan for Jordan and the world. It's exciting when the lack of something creates a spceial opportunity for a returning emmigrant.

Abu Shreek said...

I dont think by you were included with "qualified people" that need to return hom. i it was about the ones who can really contribute to society beyond the services and entertainment sectors (luxuries).
And by the way i so your shorts on your websites and they are very amateur-ish and really lacks real "directory". Please accept that a constructive critique and illa al amamm.