22 October, 2007

First time I cook, awasome

I: I like cooking, allow me to cook please.

Mom: yeah, sure, why not, but better to taste first.

I: but I want to cook.

Mom: good tasters, better cooks.

That’s how I fell in love with my mom food at first taste, I always helped mom with cooking, I mean tasting, but it took me too long to begin learning cooking, almost two decades to know why my mom didn't want me to cook, she always had that expression on her face, and asking me "do you want to cook and let your wife rest?" thought it was a simple joke, anyway, may be I was convinced with that too.

But guess what, I really like cooking, but that doesn't mean you tell my future wife that I have passion for cooking, if she happened to know you one day.

Whatever, at last I did it, it’s a jump start cooking, took me two days preparing, and seems I managed to convince my mom to leave alone and try something, so I did cook "Fatteh" or what call "chick beans Fatteh" which I don't know how to translate, so I thought it would be better if I have some pictures of that delicious food.

But if someone asks why I'm writing about it, actually it’s a personal reason, rather anything else, its all about how I wanted all my life to cook, where my mom in away kept me out of it, and where I was always tried to do, after 20 years I finally get ready, and cook something, and for the first time, I feel I did something, some may say its silly, to me its not, Proactivity is more than just writing, saying , its more about doing, whatever its, do it, do it.

I learned a new lesson, its not enough to want to do, it is more to do what u want, and it took me many years to realize that.


Rasha said...

I would do anything to have a couple of spoons from this yummy dish.
teslam eedak...i never tasted jordanian food..kepr hearing about mansaf now this two..
Allah yesame7kom...gawa3tooni :)

eyad said...

Rasha: sa7tain :) thnx for passing by, next time i will invite you on something else :)

MommaBean said...

Looks very nice, Eyad. Keep your hand in it. It's funny, but El 3atal never was taught to cook anything either. But, here's a little secret, he learned to make pancakes and until we moved to Jordan, Saturday mornings he made breakfast. There's no shame in sharing the load, especially if you enjoy it.