03 October, 2007

Little Man (boy)

It is not an easy thing to be a female in this community, from time to time something happens that reminds us of that harsh reality.

Today, on the way to work, I happened to hear a conversation between two little school kids, a girl and her brother, he looked younger than her, but clearly shorter, where he was like an elf standing next to a giant.

He was dragging his feet slowly, with that sleepy look on his face, while she was energetic and walking fast, suddenly she looked back and yelled at him, to walk faster, she was trying to convince him that school is far away, and if they kept walking in that pace, they wouldn't make it to school on time.

He looked at her angrily like a volcano; he seemed to me as a little man that moment, something got him mad, and said "Sh** on you!" literally translated from Arabic, apparently he remembered his father or mother instructions not to let his sister yell at him, because he is a man, and men is not to be yelled at from women, it’s the way around, this is what he learned, actually, he didn't say that, but I thought it might be the case, from experience in this part of the world.

The girl dropped her head, and followed her stupid lazy brother, but now looked like a man, with that smile on his face.


lulu said...

My goodness how this story struck a chord - thank you for telling it.

The Observer said...

Typical social behaviour in this part of the world! She should have slapped him and dragged him from his hair!

eyad said...

lulu: yeah, you are right,thnx for passing by :)
the observer: i agree,but seems its the way she was brought up.