06 October, 2007

Pay it forward, and be true

Have you ever watched a movie, and felt you were flying after you finished watching, today; I watched another movie that made me fly and filled with happiness, really one.

Titled "Pay it forward" it's about a very simple idea "paying forward", but hard one too, what if we instead of paying back to whom do us favors, pay it forward to three people, we choose and who need it, and ask them to do the same, it will be exponential, one will help three, and three will help nine and so on, can you imagine that after two cycles there would be nine who benefit from that process.

You might think what a silly idea this is!! But believe me its not that easy, idealistically it is possible, but realistically it is hard and need deep faith in human positive power.

I don't want to talk about this idea too much, it won't help, and I'd rather recommend you watch the movie, and pay it forward to three others, let the wheel move.

Enjoy watching and paying forward


kinzi said...

Hi Eyad! I loved that movie (except the one obvious part)it is a great concept.

Hala said...

I loved the movie, but I felt sorry for the little boy :( Unique idea though.