26 October, 2007

Should we rebel against traditions

most of the time it is controversial how we see traditions, if any Jordanian begin to think of getting married he/she will be faced by a repeated word "traditions" from many people around them, like 'its against traditions' or 'we should do that since its part of traditions', sometimes is not just a country traditions, but family traditions, I have heard many parents say they are used to get their daughters' married for JODs10,000 or 5000 etc, when I ask them what if the guy is a good man, they say they can't get their daughter married for nothing, I ask again what if you get her married to one rich and you had the biggest party, and one day he become poor, they say its different, how the hell its different, are they really selling their daughters, or getting them married, of course I'm not saying they don't have a party, but at least stop asking for impossible, try to understand the situation.

To be honest I have not experienced this before, but it really bothers me, to fall in love with a woman, then I propose and her parents tell me their requirements and I can't afford it, it really does.

So you assume I'm talking about getting married in Jordan? But really I'm not talking specifically about it, I use it as an example for talking about rotten traditions, I have just finished watching a movie and it was about how hard be without a partner and the problems that exist when some people are deprived from the chance of getting married, having a boyfriend/ girlfriend (partner), they are in pain or hurt, not because they are only deprived of sex, but also because they need to be loved by someone and love someone, its human nature to live that experience.

When it comes to the Arab world in general, you find many who suffer silently, and there are many who break the rules and live their own way, ignoring accusations of immorality from others, so I thought of studying this, and try to analyze it, and I found that traditions play a major role in all this, but when I thought more, I discovered that in addition to traditions there is the rotten way of thinking our people still have, let away if there is a way of thinking the first place, as people just follow rules blindly, and don't think at all, when they cause others pain without knowing, like parents when they refuse getting their daughter married for a good guy because he can't satisfy their requirements, because they will be ashamed when they don't have a big wedding party their family will talk about forever.

Is it really traditions that cause many problems in our society, or our way of thinking is behind all that? If we don't do any thing to correct that, we will all lose, and suffer, parents, their daughters, sons, and the community as a whole, the sad thing about this post is that it will not change anything, many people wrote about it, but nothing changed.

So can we rebel against some traditions, or let's rebel against the way most people here think, let's do something.

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