10 October, 2007

Iftar with little angels

Few fellow bloggers could make it to the Iftar with little orphan children, yesterday, arranged by Sunnaa Al Hayat (Life Makers, Al Zarqa University branch), Mazen (Sanitary Measures), Shaden (The Sugar Cubes), Jad (Jad's Thoughts), Husam (7usam), Tareq (Bryce lover), Ibrahim (Opairah's blog), 7ala (رؤى), and others I don't remember their names now, had the chance the participate in this event, and I don't want to forget that 7ala was behind reminding and insisting on us to attend as a way to participate in charitable events, and to meet up with fellow bloggers, it was so long now since our last Jordanian Bloggers meet up.

It was segregated, so bloggers was engaged in single gender conversations, ironically, except that, the event went on ok, after we finished Iftar, we prayed together, and at last they played music, the music was somehow strange, it was dancing music, I felt that I wanted to dance, actually I didn't understand that double-standards thing, some things are allowed, others things are not, in a way it was superficial, but deep we can see the good part of that huge effort, the organizers tried their best to do what they think will help in a way or another to make Jordan a better place, at the same time we still have the right to disagree with them, although they were nice people, supportive and encouraging.

some photos :


Opairah said...

Happy Eid Elfitr,
and it was nice chance to meet you...
keep blogging :)

eyad said...

Salam man, Happy Eid to you too, yallah inshallah we will meet again, soon.
and let me see your blog on the move again :)

Unknown said...

salam Eyad ...

thanx for the post and for comin and share the IFTAR with us..
i am one of the organisers

infact what u said about the music was true .. was strange i didnt accept it too .. but that was the band fault cause we told them not to put music with the anasheed ..

but they fix it in the next day ..
i wish u where there ..
it was the most spiritual day and it was really nice teamwork ..

thanx for coming and posting and share the ajer with us in shaa' allah ...

نسأل الله أن يتقبل منا و يرزقنا الإخلاص في العمل .. اللهم أمين .

yours : ahmad moghrabi ... :>